Frequently Asked Questions

Does it numb my mouth? What should I expect?

No, Dr. B's Elixir does not numb your mouth. When you spray Dr. B's in your mouth, it neutralizes the heat pain, but does not affect your taste buds, so the flavor still comes through, just without the pain.

What hot peppers have you tested it against?

Many. From jalapeños to habaneros and hotter, with the same soothing results. The spicier the peppers (Scorpion, Ghost, Reaper), the more sprays of Dr. B's Elixir may be needed over a few minutes timeframe. Most restaurant-level spice pain is relieved immediately.

Is the relief immediate?

In most cases, yes. As all of our body's are genetically unique, our pain and pleasure receptors vary to some extent. Most experience what these two first timers did HERE.

Can it protect me from feeling the burn if I spray it in my mouth before I eat spicy food?

YES! Dr. B's will protect your mouth from the burn and allow you to enjoy your meal pain-free if you spray it in your mouth prior to eating spicy food. I myself am not fond of the burn of spicy foods, so I spray before I eat something I know is going to be hot.

Are there any other benefits Dr. B's Elixir provides?

Dr. B's being in your system following spraying it in your mouth will greatly reduce the "exit burn", which is often a horrible side effect the next morning after eating spicy foods.

Must it be refrigerated?

While it will last longer if refrigerated, no it does not. So feel free to bring Dr. B's with you anywhere.

Does drinking water wash it away?

Not at all, but a little ice water DOES activate the cooling sensation, increasing its effects.

How long does it last?

Mileage may vary. Much depends on what, how much, and how fast you are also eating and drinking. If the burn returns, spray some more.